I have countless blessings in my life, one of which includes a passion for my work.  Innovation has always kept my career interesting. Even now in my retirement I am enjoying advising emerging technology companies.

In the past 45 years, broadcast television has made quite a number of changes and advancements in technology. In the 50's it was recording on quad videotape and converting from monochrome to color. In the 60's it was the change from vacuum tubes to solid state. In the 70's we had electronic editing, followed by computerized quad videotape editing. I was in charge of the first CMX computerized editor at Consolidated Film Industries. That innovation led us to increasing the use of cable television and the Internet for delivering content to the end user, eventually recording on solid state devices, editing digitally, and converting from analog to digital in all phases of the industry.

I am still active in the development of  broadcast technologies. A group that I have been advising has developed a suite of technologies that enable a high-quality HD viewing experience over limited bandwidth infrastructure. Their technology suite includes a proprietary video encoding technology which is capable of delivering a high-quality HD image at low bitrates.  Device-specific video profiles reduce global Internet congestion and increase quality of experience for TVs, personal computers, tablets and mobile devices.

There is a compelling need for a low bitrate video compression. The majority of over 2 billion Internet users today are restricted to bandwidths of 2 Mbps or less. Our system accommodates these subscribers with quality video at up to 80% less bandwidth than existing compression solutions, enabling a true HD streaming experience.

So once again I am excited to find myself on the leading edge of technical innovation. If you are interested in this new development, feel free contact me at the email address listed below. We hope everyone will be able to benefit from this technology as it begins to roll out.

As Red Skelton used to say at the end of his shows…"Goodluck and God Bless".

David Graham, US citizen, 82nd Airborne veteran of WW2 and resident in the State of Washington. Email: ktv1928@gmail.com.



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